ORACLE PROTECTION SERVICES was established as a result to the various, yet specific demands in the industry. These demands were identified by the members based on their research and involvement in the Property Industry in South Africa.

We operate as a non-stop security company offering “umbrella” security solutions and services - all under one roof.

We discover that many problems and compromising situations arose from insufficient and often incorrect exchange of information regarding the requirements or needs of the clients in relation to the abilities or qualifications of the service provider.

The security industry has become very competitive over the past years and very often, companies are guided by cost alone, while neglecting to consider the importance of the service required. It often happens, particularly in residential properties, that vandalism, squatting, theft and other forms of malicious damage occur. These parties would have been prevented if qualified and alert security officers were deployed.

Oracle Protection Services the best rates negotiated with our clients and based on their specific requirements and needs. Experience has proven, without doubt, that security services to owners of residential and commercial properties are more effective in scenarios where only one dedicated security company is utilised instead of several.


The increasing crime rate in SA creates a dangerous environment for commercial, industrial & residential property owners. Each portfolio has unique requirements broadly classified as follow:

* Access Control
* Bomb Threats
* Conflict Management
* Crisis Control
* Presence
* Safeguarding Properties (On & Off Site)
* Regulation reports to managing agents etc.
* Tenant Support
* Customer / Client / Tenant
* Liaison & Support
* Information
* Logistics
* Patrols
* Inspections


* 24 Hour Guarding
* On / Off Site Armed Response
* Special Investigation
* Polygraph Test & Finger Printing
* Body Guarding
* Special Event Guarding & Crowd Control
* Escort Services to Banks etc.
* Undercover Guarding
* Electric Fence Maintenance & Installations
* Cleaning of Squatted Areas

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