Physical Guardanct:
> 24-hour Guarding
> Residential
> Retail / Commercial / Industrial
> Construction site guarding / Monitoring
> Estates / Complexes

Special Services:
> Body Guarding / Undercover Guarding
> VIP Protection Services
> Special Events Guarding and Crowd Control

Response and Monitoring:
> On / Off site CCTV Monitoring
> On / Off Site Armed Response
> Control Room Facility
> Alarm Response and Monitoring

Strategic Response Unit:
> A dedicated Task Force Team
> Undercover / Private Investigations

Dedicated Pro-Active Armed Response Services:
> Community Policing Forums
> Estates / Complexes
> Area Designated Forum

Technical Division:
> On / Off site Armed Response
> Access Control Systems
> Alarm System and installations
> Electric Fence
> Maintenance / Installations
> Intercoms and Gate Motors
> CCTV and Alarms Systems

Training Division:
> On site and off site training for security officers
> Training in all aspects of the security industry

CCTV On / Off Site Monitoring:
Over the years, security has become more and more sophisticated and responsible.

The utilization of CCTV monitoring is becoming the trend in security. CCTV - Closed Circuit Television.

This facility involves the use of video cameras which are linked to sophisticated and state of the art control room. Oracle Protection Services are encouraging entities to utilize the camera facility to monitor their domestics, children or staff via their personal cell phones. This eliminates the crime aspect as the client is fully aware of all activities, whether it is at their homes or their business.

> Monitoring areas 24/7, watched by Controllers all the time or at the client’s request /A,
> Acting as a determent for any would be criminals
> Identification of any perpetrators or persons attempting to gain illegal access
> Reduction in insurance premiums - the more security - lower premiums and assurance of being paid out by your insurance company
> Reduction in staff downtime and wasting of time
> Peace of mind - assurance your premises, belonging are being watched 24/7
> Quicker response time by armed response services to any strange activities
> Protection of life - your family and belongings are the most important things in life
> Hidden cameras will produce a staff complement who are quickly brought to book for criminal/ dishonest actions
> Ensuring perpetrator is taken to law, the camera provides exact time, date and the exact actions are recorded

Physical Security
Oracle Protection Services has been successfully protecting and guarding several complexes, many of these are long standing Clients.

We have enjoyed great success rates in preventing break ins, arresting of perpetrators and most importantly, working together with Management companies, portfolio managers, body Corporate, trustees and Home Owners Associations - building relationships and trust.

Oracle Protection Services provide guarding services in many forms and the quotations for services can be mixed to suit the client’s requirements

> On site guarding - day and night shift services
> On site guarding -weekend shifts
> Adhoc guarding - where a client specifically needs the services of a security officer to protect a wall or electric fence for a limited period of time
> Events guarding - these officers are all fire arm trained, registered and have competency certificates.
> Undercover guarding - a specialised service which requires a more highly skilled officer to carry out these duties

All officers are required to have completed their training as required by statutory law and by PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) and now by the new regulations implemented by SASSETA (South African Security Services Education and Training Authority).

Training is now compulsory at NQF levels (National Qualification).

These are many rules and regulations on a site which is adapted to suit the client and which must be strictly adhered to.

The security officers are well versed in access control, management of domestics / gardeners and the control of contractors and sub-contractors on site. Training is an ongoing requirement of the complex/estate and the rules and regulations of that specific entity.

All movements are recorded by officers in the Occurrence Books and Pocket Books so that the Area Supervisor can access the situation on any site at any given time.

Onsite inspections are carried out on an adhoc basis - no security officer will know when his superior is going to be calling on him.

All officers sign a Confidentiality agreement and a Code of Conduct document in order to protect our clients, their belongings and interests.

The Technical Team is a dedicated team, completely familiar with all aspects of installations, programming and with extensive product knowledge on all system.

> Sliding gate / Swing Gates / Gate Motors
> Remotes and Receivers - Standard and Long Range
> Gate Beams

> Tag Systems
> Biometric Readers - Finger Print Systems
> Access Control Keypads (Various)
> Entrance Systems (Door entry Systems and Counters)

> Video and Audio Door Phones
> BPT Intercoms
> TPT Intercoms (Resident opens with cell)
> Mircom Systems
> Mk2 Systems
> G2 Systems
> B1000 Systems

> In-line earth loops
> Fencing Poles (Wall Top) (Freestanding)

> All Cameras (Dummy and Colour)
> Infra- Red Cameras
> Illuminators
> Full Range of Surveillance Systems

Suggestions / Recommendations ML
On appointment, Oracle Protection Services will take the time to discuss the Rules and Regulations of the Complex / Estate with the authorised persons and will endeavour at all times to look after the bests interests of the client in every aspect.

We pride ourselves on not just taking on a Complex / Estate, but going the extra mile at each turn, attempting to provide the client with cost saving ideas, better security for their residents inside the Complex / Estate and to this end, set out here under some suggestions for the client’s consideration.

These Being:
Personal Security for the Complex and Residents
> We encourage the client to ensure that the property is secure - no loopholes or weak points.
> Ensure that the electric fences are working and that in need, these be checked and repaired as quickly as possible.
> It is suggested and highly recommended that clients remember “Safety begins at Home”
> Insurance companies are hesitant is paying claims if the correct procedures and precautions have been not been taken.
> Every Resident should ensure that he/she has an alarm system or panic button system (Sherlo Mimic Panel system which is only effective if day and night guards are on duty) connected to the guardhouse if this is in place and their personal alarms linked to an armed response service provider.

Complex / Estate Residents
Oracle Protection Services have several options available for complex and estate residents:
> Linking up to an armed response and monitoring service provider:
> Residents can benefit from the fact that their armed response and monitoring costs can almost be halved
> If residents sign up within a complex, the security measures are stronger as everyone within the complex has an alarm, is linked to a service provider and response time is minimal - Time is Crucial in any incident.
> Prices per resident can be as low as R85.00 (dependant on numbers and signing of a 2 year contract)
> Dedicated Pro-Active Response Services:
> Beneficial to all - as many complexes / estates as possible sign up (including residents) as a forum
> Dedicated Pro-Active Vehicle allocated to designated are (never leaves area and carrying out patrols 24/7)
> Prices per resident can be as low as R85.00 (dependant on numbers and signing of a 2 year contract)

Electric Fencing
> Recommended electric fence is linked to Oracle Protection Services Control Room, although Response will be on-site.
> Would be perpetrators gain access over live electric fences by short circuiting the electric fence with insulated twigs and other implements.
> Loops to be installed along perimeter electric fence to prevent perpetrators form obtaining access.
> The loop connection from the Energizer should be configured to ensure a live top and bottom wire.
> It is suggested that due to vastness of the estate that beams are installed along the wall which will also alleviate the possibility of perpetrators gaining access over the electric fence.

> Beams are an effective way of deterring would be criminals.
> Although expensive, it is advisable that only the best be installed.
> The effectiveness of the beam depends on the positioning of these items, the surrounding bush, trees and birds in the garden or loss of greenery.

> The entrance to the Complex / Estate should be extremely well lit.
> The electric fence can be zoned with strobe lights to increase security. Should the fence be activated, it will be easier to detect where the fence was activated.
> Floodlights can be fitted along fence - this will minimize the potential risk of unauthorized access to the Complex.
> Floodlights have proven to be a good security deterrent at potentially week points along the perimeter.

Remotes For Alarm Systems
> Many residents are still using their panels to arm and disarm their alarm systems.
> This often causes false alarm activations due to the time set to allow your arm and exit or enter and the disarm.
> We strongly suggest that clients look at different remotes for this function. Most remotes come with multiple buttons - Arm, Disarm, Panic and the others may be connected to your motorized gate to ensure that you are safe in your vehicle and do not have to get out to open any gates. The gate can then be closed safely behind your vehicle when you are behind the gates.
> The remote can also be kept close at hand when you are in the garden, entertaining outside - by simply pressing the panic button, you will aler6t the armed response to come to your aid.

Pannic Button System Linked To Oracle Protection services
> A panic button system can be linked to Armed Reaction at a once-off cost and a monthly monitoring fee.
> This ensures that the Guard on duty has some sort of back-up in the form of Armed Response.

Guarding Monitoring System
> A 5-point Guard Monitoring System can be implemented at the complex to ensure proper and effective patrolling of the guards in the complex. If a guard fails to visit a specific guarding point, a failure signal will be sent to Platinum Protection Services Control Room and Platinum Protection Service's on-site guard will investigate immediately.
> The fixed panic button on the Guard Monitoring System can be pressed in case of emergency and Dunmar Armed Reaction will respond immediately.

Sticker System
> Stickers are only for the use of Resident's vehicles in order to prohibit unauthorized entry. All other vehicles (visitors, deliveries, etc.) are required to sign in the Access Control book.
> The guards will ensure that each vehicle is identified before letting a vehicle enter or exit the complex.
> Guards will identify occupants of each vehicle before opening the gate.

With the safety of our clients, their families, assets and belongings as our major concern and with the increase in crime in our community, we would like to assist our clients with a few tips on security to assist you further in protecting your family, belongings 7 and assets.

Remember!! Your Safety is our Concern!

Some hints and tips:
> Do Not open your door to any person.
> Stand away from your security gate if you have to talk to strangers at the door. - well back and talk to them.
> Advise your domestic/gardeners - they are not permitted to open for anyone. Above procedure to be followed.
> Should it be necessary for any sub-contractor/workmen to come to your residence, please notify security timeously so they are aware and can escort the service provider if necessary.
> Under no circumstances should your domestic/gardener advise of your whereabouts and comings and goings.
> Ensure you have a "peep eye" in your door. You could go the extra mile and get CCTV linked to a computer.
> Should you be alone and a stranger approaches your door - it is wise to make as though there are other people in the house with you - call out to the fictitious person. If the person is up to no good - he will run away.
> Make sure all windows, doors/sliding doors are secured before leaving your premises or retiring at night - this does include your bathroom/toilet windows.
> Do not leave personal belongings on any tables, shelves close to any windows or doors. If necessary take them upstairs to your bedroom (if upstairs applies to your residence)
> Be aware of all movements around you - especially when coming out of your home/garage. The latest - they will “tailgate” you at entrance to your property and then attack you. BE AWARE
> Question any unknown persons walking around or report this urgently to your security provider or if you are at a complex - immediately advise the security personnel at the guardhouse.
> Keep your security provider’s contact numbers close at hand.
> Are you afraid to enter your home late at night - do you live alone and fear going into your home? - Request that your security provider assist with an escort service. Remember Oracle Protection Services escort service is part of the deal - call the guardhouse, share this with them and let them go with you to your property and ensure your safety.
> If you are going to be away from home for any length of time - PLEASE - PLEASE tell your Security Provider, advise your service provider’s Control Room
> Get your service provider to do extra patrols for you and ensure your belongs are safe until you return.
> Do not allow any service provider to just leave a slip. They must advise you of all the details.
> If you do not have an alarm - GET ONE. DO NOT DELAY. Phone a service provider immediately and get yourself armed and ready to keep the perpetrators out.
> Make sure that the service provider is SAIDSA approved before installing any systems. Insurance companies will not pay out any claims if they are not SAIDSA approved.
> Make sure that all valuables are safely locked away. GET A SAFE.
> Get full details of any domestics or gardeners working for you. Ensure that you have the correct documentation - make and keep copies. lf necessary provide this information to your Body Corporate or service provider.
> Do not give passwords out unnecessarily. This is private information and could be used against you.
> Stay alert at all times - do not hesitate to raise an alarm. You have a right to protect you and yours. SOUND THE ALARM! Call Security at the gate! Contact your service provider 24/7! They are there to assist you.
> If you are outside in your garden - keep your remote at hand. Should you not have a portable panic remote - GET ONE. Use the panic button on the remote to activate the alarm. This can save your life.
> Link your alarm up to the Guardhouse and be sure that you are better protected with our armed response.
> Look at possibility of outdoor passives to alert you to intruders long before they can get into your home.
> Establish good relationships with your Neighbours - Look after each other - Stand together.

If you are driving keep one on your lap. Going to the ATM or shopping? Keep one in your hand Do Not Hesitate to use the spray or the Shock Stick - This may just save your life. The spray will blind the perpetrator, giving you sufficient time to get away or raise an alarm (turn your head away as the spray may blow towards you)
The Shock Stick looks like a torch - keep this on a wrist strap and use it - this will put the perpetrator down and allow you sufficient time to get away and raise an alarm.

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