Why Oracle Protection Solutions? What makes us different?
Your Safety is our Concern!
* We care for the safety of your family, business and valuables.
* We perform our tasks with honour and integrity.
* We offer “umbrella security solutions’ through services, ranging from patrols and services.
* We present our clients with effective pro-active security services, ranging from patrols to investigations.
* Dedicated Pro-Active Armed Response Services - vehicles stay in their dedicated areas to service a specific area only.
* We care for the spiritual and physical well-being of people in our community structures through community upliftment and development programmes.
* Our experience and expertise in the security industry.
* We are available on minor management level 24/7.
* We investigate all burglaries, attempted burglaries and robberies and present you with a detailed report, including photographs containing the actual facts.
* We do regular site visits on senior management level.
* We place a high premium on discipline, integrity and loyalty.
* We offer our clients other specialized services ranging from financial planning to estate Management, to cash-flow forecasts, to consulting.

Mission, Vision and Values.
Our Mission:
* To provide peace of mind for our clients, with knowledge that they are in capable hands.
* To provide a service which will not only differentiate us from other Security Service Providers, but will our professionalism, dedication and loyalty in all aspects.
* To form and continue to build long-term business relations with clients, contractors, and property development companies through effective community and efficient service, providing an efficient, professional and effective security service in all aspects.

Our Vision:
* To extend our services nationally and become the top preferred security service provider.
* To form strategic alliance with business partners that share our vision, i.e. service deliverables
* product knowledge
* community development
* community participation

Our Values:
* Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty and Commitment
* To instil security, safety and peace of mind with our clients
* To at all times provide clients with correct and honest service
* To ensure the discipline demanded of all our staff and their total commitment to their respective positions is of the highest standard at all times
* To ensure that Oracle Protection Services maintain high standard of professionalism at all times
* To provide up to date information and advanced technology requited for the provision of their services

Security Management Philosophy:
The increasing crime rate in South Africa creates a dangerous and threatening environment for commercial, industrial and residential property owners in South Africa.

Each property portfolio has its unique requirements which can be broadly classified as follows:
* Access Control
* Bomb Threats
* Conflict Management
* Crisis Control
* Customer/Client/Tenant
* Information
* Inspections
* Liaison & Support
* Logistics
* Patrols
* Presence
* Regulations Reports
* Safeguarding Property (on & offsite)
* Tenant Support

Oracle Protection Services not only operates a full supervisory team on a 24-hour basis in Rustenburg

Staff are registered and trained as per the Security Act. PSIRA (Public Security Industry Regulatory Authority) the watchdog for the industry officers, adherence to standards laid down and ensuring the fair treatment of all its members. Personnel employed in the security industry are not permitted to perform security services without having followed the correct procedures through PSIRA - screening, fingerprinting, certification and membership.

The following basic management support is provided to our clients:
* Free survey of sites
* Free advice on the current security system in place and advice on upgrading of security
* On being nominated as the preferred service provider in the case of Complexes, Residential Estates, residents receive security tips, suggestions and recommendations
* One to two site visits per day by Oracle Protection Services
* At least one structured client visits per month
* Immediate reaction to client queries and requests
* Incident reports to Client or nominated person/authority within 24 hours of the incident
* The provision of a 24-hour contact number, allowing clients to contact us 24H

Crime Statistics:
The table below outlines some alarming crime statistics for the greater Gauteng Province:

Crime Category % Increase
Common Assault 17%
Robbery with aggravating circumstances 85%
Indecent Assault 28%
Neglect and ill-treatment of children 52%
House robbery 70%
Malicious damage to property 48%
Illegal possession of Fire Arms 68%
Driving under the influence of Alcohol 19%

Social Responsibility:
We are proud to be in the business of serving our community.

We believe in interacting and wherever the need arises, we will provide the best service and assistance that we can. Our pledge to provide such service to our community is not a business core for us, but one of obligation and giving back to the community.